is an architect and a material expert. Her focus lies in innovative applications of materials and developments of materials in architecture. She is the founder of Formade – Office for Architecture and Material, as well as of LülingSauer Architects, both based in Berlin. She has taught internationally, most recently as visiting critic at Cornell University New York. Since 2013 she has held a Professorship for Textile and Surface Design at Weissensee Art Academy Berlin.

2.30 p.m.
Soft Matter
Materials today are becoming true performers. Their field is expanding far beyond the obvious nature of substances like wood, metal, concrete or glass. Emergent matter can assume different physical states, change shape, generate electricity or form hybrids. Materials are transforming from a static substance into a flexible system of components. The talk will focus on performance-driven »soft skills« of material with special attention to flexible surfaces and textile technologies. Crafts like weaving or braiding are not only ancient technologies but become new means of fabrication for structural and functional material systems.